2 years 0% APR
£0 deposit required
Installed in 24 hrs
Fixed price guarantee
Up to 12 year warranty


How does The Efficient Boiler Company work?

1. We provide a flexible service that is designed around you. You can choose to complete a self-survey through our Instant Online Quote or contact us to arrange for one of our expert surveyors to come to your home and complete a technical survey, recommend the right boiler for your home and provide a quotation. Our quotes are fixed and we’ll never try to add any unnecessary extras – we want to give the best possible price (and service too).

2. Decide if you want to spread the cost of your new boiler and installation with one of our financed repayment plans. If you do, we’ll take you through a finance application (with one of our lenders), this takes around 10 minutes and we can give you a decision on finance in minutes (all applications are subject to a credit check).

3. Book your installation. We’ll confirm your installation date and time (at a time that is convenient for you) and we’ll always offer you the quickest slot, for emergency cases we can install within 24 hours.

4. Your boiler will be installed by a local Gas Safe Registered engineer, who’ll do a quality and tidy job and they’ll demonstrate how to operate your boiler and answer any questions you might have.

5. Our customer services team will call you after the installation of new boiler to check you are happy with everything.

Why do I need a home technical survey?

Choosing the correct boiler and installing a replacement boiler isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. We need to make sure that your boiler is in a safe position that meets all requirements and regulations. We need to ensure all gas pipes and water pressure into the property are correct to ensure you have maximum output from your boiler. We will also assess what other equipment is needed for the job ahead of the install to avoid any delays when we arrive to do the install.

Does my quote include everything needed to fully install the boiler?

Yes, your quotation will include: your chosen boiler type, flue, thermostat (if requested), magnetic filter and installation including all fixtures, fittings and safety checks, plus a chemical system flush – there will be no hidden extras. Remember, all of our boiler installation engineers are all Gas Safe Registered.

Are EBC Engineers Gas Safe Registered?

Yes, all of our engineers are fully trained and experienced engineers who are all Gas Safe registered.

Are all of the boilers you install energy efficient?

We only install boilers that are energy efficient. As of October 2010, newly installed home units have to be 88% efficient or more. Efficiency is also based on the type of model you have installed.

How quickly can you install a boiler?

We are able to install a boiler for you from you giving us the go ahead within 24 hours.

Will the installers take care of my property?

Of course, our installers are friendly and polite and extremely efficient who take pride in the quality job and service they delivery to our customers. They smile and tidy up after themselves.

At the time of installation, will TEBC remove my old boiler?

Yes, of course we will, it is within the job specification that we will take out the boiler and remove from your property, if there is a cylinder and/or tanks they will be taken away too! We even take away all the rubbish that is created from the job so you dont have to worry about getting rid of it!

Are TEBC installers Gas Safe registered?

Yes, all of our engineers are fully trained and experienced engineers who are all Gas Safe registered.


What does the chemical system flush do?

A chemical flush is a deep clean of your radiators and central heating system, using chemicals to flush out the sludge (rust and small metal debris) that may have settled inside your radiators, pipes and boiler over time. By doing this, we know we are fitting your new boiler to a clean system and by also fitting a magnetic filter we know you’re new central heating system will work efficiently and effectively.

Why do you provide a magnetic filter?

We install a magnetic filter to your boiler system (after we’ve done the chemical flush) to keep the water that flows through your system clean, prolonging the life of your boiler. The filter contains a powerful magnet which catches all the small metal particles in your system (often called sludge) and stops it entering your boiler system and radiators, improving the output of your central heating system

Can I have a web enabled or SMART control fitted with my boiler?

Yes, we can provide a range or wireless thermostats with your boiler. We can provide and install a Hive, Honeywell Lyric or Nest which allows you to control your heating remotely from your mobile or tablet. We can do this at the time of installation and your surveyor can advise you of the options and costs.

Do I have to take out finance to pay for my new boiler?

No, not at all. The finance options are there for customers to help spread the cost of a new boiler. With a new boiler, it can be quite a costly acquisition and so we can provide a service that can help our customers get out of a tricky situation.

If I choose to pay for my boiler with a finance repayment plan is a deposit always required?

You do not have to put a deposit down with us to get finance. If you choose to put a deposit down which you can then this will decrease your monthly payments.

Can I pay off my finance plan earlier than the agreed term?

Yes, you have the ability to pay off the finance at any time without a charge to yourselves.

Is the finance APR fixed for the duration of my plan?

Once you have agreed and signed up to the finance you will know what the monthly payments are for the duration of the term time, this will stay the same throughout.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, you are entitled to a 14-day ‘cooling off period’ after the payment or finance application. However this is only as long as we haven’t installed the boiler.


Why is my boiler losing pressure?

There is a number of reasons why your boiler could be losing pressure. The most common reason for this is usually due to a leak somewhere in the heating system which is not only bad for your water pressure, this could end up causing damage to your home.

To identify a drop in pressure, check the water pressure gauge found on the boiler. This should be set around the 1 bar. The position set when the boiler was installed is often shown by a red indicator needle. A drop in pressure usually indicates that there is a problem with your system.

As with any other repairs to your boiler, any repairs relating to pressure should only ever be conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


What does the Boiler Guarantee/warranty cover?

We only use manufacturers that offer a guarantee/warranty which covers parts and labour cost for the period the boiler is guaranteed for.

Do I need to register with the manufacturer to activate my warranty?

No, we will register the boiler and filter through the manufacturer. Therefore, you’ll be covered by Guarantee/Warranty from the day your boiler is fitted. We will also register the boiler with the Gas Safe Register so you can be confident you are getting a proper job.

How do I keep my Guarantee or Warranty valid?

With any boiler you have fitted to keep the Warranty or Guarantee valid you must have it serviced every 12 months for the duration of the Guarantee/Warranty length.

Who can do my annual boiler service?

We can provide a service each year for your new boiler, you will be able to speak to us to arrange this.

Will I save money on my gas bills by having a new boiler installed?

If your existing boiler is an old system it is likely to be inefficient, for example a 10-15 years old non-condensing boiler might be G-Rated and therefore only 70% (at best) efficient. So, by converting to a new condensing A-Rated combi boiler, you will have an A+Rated boiler with around 94% efficient, will use less energy and therefore reduce your gas bills. According the Energy Savings Trust this could be as much as £340 per year.

Should I repair my boiler?

Replace. A repair can be just as expensive as a brand-new boiler. You could easily have more problems in the future with a repaired boiler. A brand-new boiler is usually more efficient and more reliable. The boiler will also come with a warranty therefore if it breaks, the manufacturer will repair it and no extra charge.

Do you need to book an engineer’s visit?

Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you.